6 February 2007

I need my fiiiiiiiix

Ok... I'm not a computer freak... But I'm a newbieeee in Linux, used to work with Windows so far... And yes I admit I like iTunes... I've tried everything... Noooo...I did not wash myself with "Ulterx", but tried to use Amarok, Banshee, Songbird (ok-that one kinda reminds a bit of iTunes), Wine iTunes (that didn't work)... So, I did sign that iTunes for Linux petition, having first read the "real Steve Jobs", the "fake Steve Jobs", the "real-(not)-fake Steve Unemployed" bla bla bla and loads of comments upon this topic (god knows if I even got a thing!)

" Linux users are petitioning Apple to make iTunes for Linux, but it ain't gonna happen any time soon, according to Fake Steve.

"... they've got a whopping 599 signatures. Okay, weirdos! We'll get right on it. Jesus. You know, if you want to go run some obscure operating system that nobody else uses, fine. But don't think the whole world owes you free applications too. Go make your own music store, losers." "

(Source: wired.com, Last accessed 6-2-2007)

Well... signatures are now 842 (that last one is me :p), but are still too few, aren't they?


ClassicrockeR said...

talking about being desperate, ain't it?
open source dude all the way!
That's your fix! Forget closed-source stuff. All these belong to the past!
Fogged your mind is... after this sentence you will remember no itunes, you will.

The force is strong with you :P

Hatake Kakashi said...

842 einai mono oi users twn Linux ana to kosmo kai milate kiolas? Petsakeeeeees!!!!!