29 November 2006

Feliz Cumpleaños Nightdre@mer!!!

We all (ρυζάκια μας λένε), wish u the best NY-style-newly-gained-Spanish Birthday u could ever have!!!
Save a piece o' cake 4us2!!! & μη τολμήσεις να κάνεις Μητσόπαρτο χωρίς να με καλέσεις!!!

(For the rest of u, don't get'm wrong... In the very depth he's just shy lil boy-that's y he's hiding from the cam!!! lolol)

We missed u darliiiiiiiiiiin'...


28 November 2006

As i was 'surfin' slap-happy...

...i stumbled upon ur latest posts. so i was scrolling down....and down....and down.... and i kept on seeing u with that silly smile in every picture half drunk half happy...and i was wondering...did u found ur personal Promised Land?? AND above all how do u feel withOUT little horns above ur head ??? Anyway, i kept on scrolling down and down...and i wanna meet Dally. Emma can u host me in Nottingham (plz say yes) and let me sleep in ur room (plz say no!!!)???? Anyway u cant avoid it...*starts packing things*....i know u want me to come there....*buying tickets*.... we are going to have an awe time....*at the airport*....we ll hung out together....*flying over the Atlantic*....we ll drink everything thats over 60% EtOH ....*landing on Heathrow*.....we ll puke together.... *reaching Nottingham residence*.....and then u can sleep at ur room and me in Dally's.... *ringing ur doorbell*
-Hello!!! Is anyone in??? Will u let me in?? HELLO???? EMA??????
*awaits at doormat*

26 November 2006

Sheffield, 25-11-2006

Now I'm gonna get to wonder if I'm @ the wrong town, too... Sheffield is sooooo beautiful! Just 45mins by rail from Nott'm!
NE1 interested?

Sheffield's central square!

@ this greenhouse thing... with tropical plants... that was interesting!

Dio, Ilias, Me and this is NOT wine...this is NOT sangria... this is un bordello!!! (white wine, red wine, sprite, lemon, lime... holly marry's eyes!!!) naaaaaaaah...who cares! we had fun! (had we? helloooooo-guuuuuuys say sth!)

No comments! 'Η μάλλον όχι-I will comment: F-word Eng amatures! (@ Meadowhall shopping center, which is the "land of shoppertunity"... and spelling mistakes!)

Greek Party @ I-Bar! (18-11-2006)

That was soooo much fun!!! Αχ-μου έλειψαν τα μπουζούκια... lol!

Με Γιώργο κ Ελένη (παααααλι με κλειστά μάτια? @ least δεν έχω κερατάκια... οι συνήθεις ύποπτοι κατάλαβαν!)

With Priyanka & Dally - 2 of my 3 flatmates!

Someone's got (almost) hooked up that night!!! Am I right Dio?

20 November 2006

Nightdre@mer, το ξέρεις πόσο μου αρέσει αυτό το τραγούδι!!!
Το είδα τη στιγμή που ετοιμαζόμουνα να κάνω ένα post με αφορμή 2 "περιστατικά" σε διάστημα λίγων ωρών...
Το ένα είναι το ακόλουθο linkaki (sorry Timouko που κάνω link στη σελίδα σου στο συγκεκριμένο post, αλλά υποθέτω ότι είναι ήδη σε αρκετά κοινή θέα οπότε δε θα σε πειράξει...) & το άλλο είναι το live in Berlin των Pink Floyd (yeah Dio - thnx a lot!!!) κ πιο συγκεκριμένα το Hey You...
Είναι από τις φορές που ζεις στην κοσμάρα σου κ ξαφνικά συνειδητοποιείς
πόση δύναμη έχουν οι λέξεις κ οι στίχοι...and it's like someone stabs your heart with a knife...
Απλά θυμήθηκα ότι η ανθρώπινη επαφή χάνεται...

Ray Charles and Jack

Woah Woman, oh woman, don't treat me so mean,
You're the meanest old woman that I've ever seen.
I guess if you said so
I'd have to pack my things and go.
That's right

Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.
What you say?
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more.

Now baby, listen baby, don't ya treat me this-a way
Cause I'll be back on my feet some day.
Don't care if you do 'cause it's understood
you ain't got no money you just ain't no good.
Well, I guess if you say so
I'd have to pack my things and go.
That's right

19 November 2006

Halloween 2006

I apologize I forgot to introduce you another member of the family... Behold... This is Jack!!!

The family now grieves for Jack's loss due to a very serious and incurable disease, which was rotting his guts inside his body...
We tried every known cure and method, from bathing with tap water and
preservation at 0oC by the window to voodoo candles...
Jack's last words were... "You were to me the family I never had and loved me in a way I never new before... Thank you!"
Jack's funeral was held in deep sorrow...
May his soul rest in peace in this dustbin-grave!!!

17 November 2006

Remember - Remember the 17th of November?

(Source: Εφημερίδα "Το Βήμα", 17-11-2006)



Emma just to wish you a very good luck for your essay. Actually i look forward to play with you the famous..monopolyyyyy. To be honest, its to late now and i cannot think much to write.. half of my brain (my what?lol, anyway..)is already sleeping. Buuuuut i'll be back tomorrow for more comments.
Emma finish the gamimeni essay, get some sleep and cu 2morrow!!!!!!!


Speedex Essay Writing --> Finished!!!

Χρωστάω ένα πολύ πολύ μεγάλο ευχαριστώ στο Γιώργο, που ασχολήθηκε τόσες ώρες να με συμβουλεύει
κ να διορθώνει τις μα****ες μου!
(Μέχρι ποιά ώρα παιδευόσουνα?4:00?5:00?
Με τα καινούρια "Κάλαντα" της Βανδή παρέα!!! lolol)

T H N X X X X X X X X X ! ! !

George, στο τέλος θα παίξουμε monopoly?
"...series of topics that almost monopolize the media,..."

16 November 2006


Interesting topic, huh?
Feel free to post ur thoughts and opinions (of any length!)...

(I will myself as soon as I finish with my essay...)

15 November 2006

1st failure... uaaaaaaaaaaah...

Got my first lab report back today... Marked with 50... It sux... The lowest in the whole class... I can't believe that...
And here I am
wondering again...
Am I @ the wrong place the worse time?


Don't ya know how to write titles 4ur posts?nuhhhhhh? Amateurs...

Could you lads please use times-large-italics in ur posts? (aesthetics' sake...)

Hello Everybody!!! (clap your hands... oooooh you're lookin' good... I'm gonna sing my song... it wont take long..... we're gonna do the twist and it goes like this....) (ok! I'll stop!!! lol)
I'm Bessie (Galavardi's cousin)..... just trying to make other's life worse!!!! Cant say...! I'm good....!
(he...he....) Did I miss the parade?
C ya!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

14 November 2006

Admin Welcomes U 2!

People of the blogggggg say "hi" to Nightdre@meeeeeeeeeer!!!
Καλά... πώς σου ήρθε το ισπανικό deeeear? Ξέρεις κάτι που δεν ξέρουμε εμείς οι υπόλοιποι?
Ο Ερμής πότε ξανακάνει έκθεση? Δεσμεύομαι από τώρα πως θα έχεις όσο χώρο θέλεις για την κριτική σου!


remember remember

the 14th of november....
I welcome myself.
My name is Buck and im here to fuck ;)
No just kiddin'...I m just that prick nightdre@mer
Hola Galavardi!!!
(Just tryin to practise my newly gained spanish),
(Havent you ever felt like waking up one day and feel like u r a native speaker of a language??It always happens to me...I remember last time with that Etruskan dialect...Well anyway, for today we have spanish señores et señoritas!!!!)


Roadrunner, Kiddo, Timy & Dio...
Welcome to my Playground!!!

Enjoy posting!!!

(Sorry guys... ladies first!)

13 November 2006

Am I @ the right place the right time?

Well...this is the question that pops into my head during these practicals the last few days...
Wanna have a look?
(Ακολουθούν σκηνές ωμής βίας-αν δεν αντέχετε απομακρυνθείτε από την οθόνη... Α! Απομακρύνετε και ανήλικους που τυχόν παρακολουθούν!)

Oh yes...this is bovine testicle I am holding!!! (sooooooo gross...)

(More photos to be added...)

11 November 2006

The story so far...

Let me make a short review of the time I've spent here so far...Hmmm...Ummm...Well...It was like a holiday!

That's my room! {Hoooooome sweet home!}

Me & my cousin! Ohhhhhhhhhh bless her (που λένε εντώ στο Αγγλία)!

Easy-going days...
Oh that guy is Robin Hood - and I have just defeated him!

And here are some from Madam Tussaud, London & London night-bus-ride!
(Mooooooom the one
with Jamie Oliver is for youuuuuuuuuuu!)

10 November 2006

Helloz from Nott'm City

Well... 00:53 (local time)... And I'm feeling soooooo bored trying to write this first essay... What is this saying in Greek... "Boredom is the mother of all devilish actions..."!
So... In one year's time this particular blog is going to celebrate it's first and last birthday...(!)
My purpose is to record as many memories during my stay here...
(@ Nottingham...?! Like ...duuuuh!)

Enough with this intro...
Riiiiiight... I wanna piece from all o' ya in dis f-word blog! So grab your keyboards and start posting!!!