6 December 2006

Nightmare (before) Christmas...?

g -few days more to go!
c -go where...?
g -what? "zero ground"? com'ooooon - wake up!
c -all ruins n remains... all this misery and thinkin' about life/who I am/what I do/what's the purpose and point of all these... I feel like empty...
g -com'ooooon cheer up! come upstairs! d's definitely gonna make ur day! thinks there's sm1 in the flat! a strange sm1, who's purposes are dark n evil! he's wandering in the kitchen... d can hear him playing with the knives! naaaaaaaaah... get over it! that was just a (sick?) joke! u know what they say; 1 in 3 suffers of mental derangement... "defrag" urself before u end up in acme labs!
c -lol... but I still feel down...
g -then get up/not down/and get twisted all around! oh!n make ur parents proud!
u have to!
c -I need some time to set my mind...
g -1
g -2
g -3
g -4
g -5
g -6
g -7
g -8
g -9
g -10
g -... time's up! get into the mood -I'm telling u; u have to!!!
c -u know what? I'll do it; but not because I have to... I'll do it coz I deserve it! I won't let them kill that kid-no!!! nor fill my life with nightmares!!! coz in the end life's a playground and all the rest... is just... MIND GAMES...

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Ilias Theodoropoulos said...

G stands for Galavardi and C for ClassicRocker right?
I still don't get it...