7 December 2006

First Images of a New Life...! Ain't it touching?

All women treasure up the first ultrasound photo of their babies... It looks like that

(Source: http://fib
ers.destinyslobster.com/Meet/Baby/babybrag.htm, last accessed 7-12-2006)

I may be a little luckier... I'm gonna treasure up these photos of "my" first babies, created with the technique of in vitro fertilization (IVF) at the South Laboratory of Sutton Bonnington, Nottingham, UK.
The creator was... myself! Even though these little cute babies-to-be are bovine blastocysts, I must admit I am a very proud "mother", 'coz they survived under contrary circumstances till day 8 after fertilization!
{Although they probably end up in some kind of slaughter-house or even worse in someone's stomach,
it is still touching to close-up follow the miracle of life...}

(Photographer: Emmanouela Mitsi / South Laboratory, Sutton Bonnington, Nottingham, UK 12/7/2006)

*Special thnx to
Anisa Elati for assigning her Praktica DCZ 5.3 camera for the purposes of this photographing.

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