26 November 2006

Sheffield, 25-11-2006

Now I'm gonna get to wonder if I'm @ the wrong town, too... Sheffield is sooooo beautiful! Just 45mins by rail from Nott'm!
NE1 interested?

Sheffield's central square!

@ this greenhouse thing... with tropical plants... that was interesting!

Dio, Ilias, Me and this is NOT wine...this is NOT sangria... this is un bordello!!! (white wine, red wine, sprite, lemon, lime... holly marry's eyes!!!) naaaaaaaah...who cares! we had fun! (had we? helloooooo-guuuuuuys say sth!)

No comments! 'Η μάλλον όχι-I will comment: F-word Eng amatures! (@ Meadowhall shopping center, which is the "land of shoppertunity"... and spelling mistakes!)

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