16 January 2007

1st Post as an Ubuntu User!

Hi aaaaaaaaall!!!
That's my 1st post as an ubuntu user! Haven't got anyting specific to say... Just that I got sick... I mean my pc had a virus (or many of 'em)... So...I decided to get rid of my windows and work from now on with Linux for human beings! :p
Good luck to me... :s
I guess it's gonna take me some time to get used to it, but after all I'll give it a shot...

Nightdre@meeeeeeeeeeeeer... I did it!!! I took the big step!

Dio I'm not gonna thnq yet... Let the trial period end, in the first place :p

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Efthymios Tatsis said...

Είχες κι ζμπιδνί ζμπλατεία ουμπούντα χωριατάκ' .....